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The underside exterior flat lining beneath your eaves is what is referred to as soffit.  Soffit fills the gap and acts as a bridge between your home’s siding and the roof-line.

  Styles and Materials

A lot of choices are available with modern soffit, the type of material, colour, and makeup allow you to carefully select the right look for your home.

Superior Aluminum and Contracting is proud to offer vinyl, aluminum, zinc and copper to our customers.  You can choose from a variety of colours to match eaves and siding.

Modern building standards call for vented, but soffit is also available in plain.  The added airflow with vented soffit helps prevent dampening of the wooden roof support columns and dampness around the roofline.

  Our Service

We offer 2, 3, and 4 panel soffit in a variety of colours and material. Call us today with questions or to schedule an obligation free inspection today.



Fascia is the trim exposed outwards which covers roof raftors. One of their benefits is their shielding from rainfall by keeping water away from your roof line. Fascia is prone to weathering and over time may need to be serviced or replaced..

  Inspect and Prevent

Regular inspection is recommended to catch any symptoms of trouble early on. Be on the lookout for rotting wood on roof-ends and leaky gutters.

Detachment of the fascia, due to winter freezing and ice buildup, and rotting are the two most common problems.  Not taking care of detachment areas quickly gives rainfall the necessary amount of time to seep through and cause further damage.

If you notice a spot that is of concern to you, call us and we’ll schedule a convenient time to have a professional inspect and inform you of the situation. Many times there may be options on how to deal with any particular issue.  For instance, replacing a section of siding may be that all your home needs if rotting isn’t present.

  Our Service

Superior Aluminum and Contracting offers 6 inch,8 inch, and custom aluminum and wood fascia board installations.  As with all of our product, several colours and varieties  are available to you to match your home’s style.

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