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When choosing a contractor for your homes eavestrough maintenance and installation, choose someone  with the required expertise to deal with your problem. Our experienced tradesmen are specialists in eavestrough/gutter systems. Whether it is installation, repair, or maintenance/gutter cleaning, contact us today. We use industry grade materials and mould seamless eavestrough on site.

  Signs of trouble

A clogged gutter and the improper redirection of rain water can result in damage to your eavestrough, soffit and fascia.  If water leaks in behind the gutter, it may cause structural damage to your home’s framing, walls, and foundation.  Internal dampness, mold growth, and eroding brickwork may also be signs that your gutter may be faulty.  Inspect your home on a seasonal basis to catch signs of trouble early on.

  Preventive Maintenance

Cleaning of loose debris such as twigs, leaves, seeds, nuts, and broken shingles on a yearly basis will prevent water clogging in the summer and ice buildup in the winter.

Heavy rains and tough weather may break and bend your gutter or eavestrough over time.  Leaks and clogs may lead to flooding basements and damage to your home’s foundation.  Superior Aluminum and Contracting Ltd. can repair, re-seal, and partially replace a damaged section of eavestrough.

Installing gutter guards, gutter screens, or leaf guards add a number of benefits making maintenance easier.  Guards will catch debris and prevent bird nests from stalling water flow and preventing pooling.  Gutter screens also eliminate the need of eavestrough cleaning and minimze ice buildup in the winter.

  Our Service

We Repair and Replace Gutters/Eavestrough and offer a variety of materials; aluminum, zinc, copper, pvc, and varieties of steel. Various formats and styles are offered for rain gutters and eavestrough.

We install copper 1/2″ round eavestrough, with a variety of choice in brackets to match.  Copper looks great and accents your home when capping chimney tops, dome roofs and bay window roofs.  Our eavestrough is seamless and is moulded on site.  We offer Aluminum and Copper 6″ Half Round Gutter Mounting System, 3″ and 4″ Half Round Gutter Downsprouts.

We can re-route and re-direct, repair, and replace downspouts creating optimal water flow.  Toronto requires that all downspouts be disconnected from Toronto’s drainage system. This prevents stormwater from flooding the sewer system and causing water buildup in the city.

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