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We are siding specialists and install and repair all types of siding. Improve the look of your home today with aluminum, pvc, or zinc; improve aesthetics and your first line of defense against tough weather.

  Home Protection and Benefits

Every structure is prone to weathering, which is the effect that weather and temperature changes have on building materials.  Because siding is the first layer of protection of your home against rain, snow, ice, and wind, that makes it one of the most important.  We use quality materials that have been tested and are proven in Ontario’s extreme winters and humid summer months.

Siding will also enhance the look of your home when chosen correctly. Homeowners can expect a 50-75% return on investment if you’re renovating to sell as new siding will increase the re-sale value of your home.

  Vinyl vs. Aluminum Siding

Vinyl Siding has many advantages over aluminum material. It is cost-effective, strong, durable, and rot-free.  Vinyl is the recommended installation for your home due to its prolonged life and requires very little maintenance; its composition minimizes weathering effects and colour lasts a lifetime. Vinyl aluminum is also scratch and stain resistant, making it very consumer friendly for it’s low-maintenance factor; you can clean it with an ordinary water hose! One downside to having vinyl siding installed on your home is that in the rare event of a fire, the burning vinyl composition will release chemical fumes.

Aluminum siding also looks great and we offer different varieties in texture, look, and pattern.  Aluminum siding, unlike vinyl, is pest and mold resistant, but it shares some of the same qualities of vinyl in that it is rot-free and has a long lifespan.  The negative aspect of having aluminum siding installed is that it is easily dented, in which case a contractor will need to be called for maintenance.

  Our Service

We offer siding maintenance, repair, and installation.  If your siding is showing signs of trouble, such as erosion of its finish, dents, cracks, stains, or leaks, call us and tell us about your problem. 

We offer a wide range of colours, textures, and material. 

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